Lucrative coating for the depot

The German chip supplier Aixtron has revised its annual forecast upwards for the second time. Investors rewarded that.

The first outlines of the chips can already be seen on a coated silicon wafer

BWhen it comes to chips, many people first think of Intel, TSMC or ASML. But the German specialty equipment manufacturer Aixtron from Herzogenrath in North Rhine-Westphalia, which manufactures machines for coating semiconductor wafers, is also benefiting from developments in the chip industry. In 1983 Holger Jürgensen and Meino Heyen developed the so-called MOCVD process and founded Aixtron together with Heinrich Schumann in the same year. With this method, monocrystalline layers can be applied to a semiconductor wafer. Today the company claims to be the world market leader in MOCVD technology and has offices in China, Great Britain, Sweden and the USA. Among other things, this method has the advantage that, compared to other methods, larger areas can be produced, which makes production cheaper.

Meanwhile, Aixtron is managed by Felix J. Grawert, who brought the semiconductor supplier through the pandemic lightly. The negative effects were limited to isolated delays in the installation of systems. At the same time, similar to ASML, Applied Materials or Lam Research, the shortage of chips and the associated expansion of the production capacities of many manufacturers are noticeable in the order books.