Tesla is splitting Wall Street

The soaring of the electric car manufacturer on the stock exchange has stopped for the time being. The company’s recent investment in Bitcoin has made the stock more susceptible to price fluctuations.

Great seller: Tesla founder and multi-entrepreneur Elon Musk during a presentation in China.

Dhe new year began for Tesla much like the old one ended: the share price rose sharply. Last year, the value of Tesla stock increased roughly eightfold, and in the first few weeks of the new year it rose another 25 percent. But after an all-time high of around $ 883 on January 26, which Tesla valued at more than $ 800 billion, the price has fallen significantly. The share now costs just under $ 700, a little less than at the beginning of the year. The market capitalization is around $ 670 billion.

The recent slowdown is happening at a very high level: Tesla is still by far the highest rated automaker in the world. The German competitors Volkswagen, Daimler and BMW, even with their combined market value, do not even come close to the American electric car specialist, even if they produce many more vehicles. Tesla CEO and major shareholder Elon Musk may have lost the rank of the richest person in the world, which was first conquered in January. On the “Bloomberg Billionaires Index”, however, his wealth is still almost on a par with the front-runner Jeff Bezos, the current CEO of the online retailer Amazon.com.