Company investments for little money

Private equity offers for small fortunes are rare. Recently, however, two records caused a stir. Two things are needed more than money: patience and trust.

BioNTech's vaccine success was also an unexpectedly huge success for MIG fund investors.

Dhe so-called private markets have attracted increased interest in recent years. By investing directly in companies, investors promise to become less dependent on fluctuations in the securities markets and to better diversify their investments. Higher earnings prospects are also attractive. Because because the markets are less liquid, there is a premium to be earned. For investors with a small budget, however, there are few suitable offers and these too often disappoint expectations, so that this market was rather quiet for a long time.

Recently, however, the MIG funds of the issuing house HMW caused a bit of a stir. About 13 years ago, three of the venture capital funds for young companies in Germany and Austria invested around 13 million euros in the corona vaccine developer BioNTech. The sale of a large part of the stake brought investors in 2020/21 with 700 million euros, the largest distribution that the MIG funds ever made. In some cases, investors received distributions of ten times their investment – a record that will certainly hardly be repeatable. But the sale of the semiconductor technology company Silectra to Infineon in 2018 also brought fund investors to distributions of up to 45 percent.