How married couples divide their wealth wisely

How do you divide the wealth in a marriage in such a way that the tax authorities get none of it? Our financial analyst shows how large amounts can be managed sensibly.

How do you divide the assets correctly and sensibly so that the tax authorities have none of it?

Apoor women of rich men! May I invite you to the swing this morning – as Hans Albers used to do? Please don’t suspect that I’m trying to fool you. Far be it from me, you can ask my professorial companion from Holstein. I’m not a nasty bob, as the Rhinelander calls devious types, but honest skin, and if you are poor but happily married to a rich man, I want to show you two ways in which you too can become a little millionaire. But for that you have to swing, so that I call out to you: Take it easy, my dear, come on the swing, Luise, it will be worth it!

The protagonist of today’s column is 50 years young and married to a man who is 55 years old. The couple raised two children. Stop, that’s not entirely true! The rearing has – of course! – the mother managed, and the father – of course! – brought the money, like that – just! – was and is common in better circles. The two children are out of the house and try, much to the “joy” of the father, to realize alternative ways of life, but we don’t want to dwell on these small foods here and now. There are more important things to do! The mother is a trained doctor and a poor church mouse, and the father is a doctor of law and a wealthy man. Do such conditions sound familiar to you? Then you should make yourself comfortable and read on.