Is it worth investing in silver more than in gold?

Gold is of little use. But its nimbus outshines a lot. But there are better investments.

Germany's gold treasure weighs more than 3,300 tons.

Na. The troy ounce of gold, or 31 grams, costs around $ 1,300 today, 80 times more than the same amount of silver. It’s already available for $ 16. A hundred years ago gold was only 30 times as expensive. So it has increased in value compared to silver.

Both precious metals, however, fluctuate in value – quite significantly. It is therefore surprising that gold is considered the safer store of value par excellence. Anyone who has bought gold in the past eight years, for example in the expectation that the extraordinary low interest rate policy of the central banks will lead to hyperinflation, from which only gold can save, is usually well in the red to this day.

In addition, gold has hardly any real economic use, unlike silver. But in the long term, gold’s nimbus as a safe haven prevails. The ten largest central banks alone are hoarding 23,000 tons of gold for around one trillion dollars. Silver has never achieved this role in store of value, nor has it been able to compensate for it due to its importance in industry. But there were phases in which the silver price developed better than gold.

If the industrial importance is high enough, gold can also be overtaken. The best example of this is palladium. The precious metal is in demand as a catalyst and in medical technology. In December, the troy ounce was more expensive than gold for the first time. However, it would be even better to invest in American stocks: a hundred years ago, the Dow Jones was three times the price of an ounce of gold. Today it is the factor 19.


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