My date with the bank advisor

Frankfurter Sparkasse customers will soon be able to choose their advisor. It works like a dating agency. Our author was the first to try it.

Our author was looking for a bank advisor and found Riccarda Jetzinger.

BAnken and Sparkassen come up with a lot to attract customers to the branch. Many financial institutions are sprucing up their branches with ultra-modern monitors in the lobby and fancy sitting areas further back. Some banks also try their hand at parcel shops, where customers can pick up their online orders, or they have an attached restaurant or café where everyone can relax from an extensive consultation. Frankfurter Sparkasse has come up with something very special. It does not rely on ultra-modern interior design and lots of frills to get customers to come, but on interpersonal relationships: in the future, every customer can choose their personal advisor who ticks similarly to himself and therefore ideally suits him exactly. Works in a similar way to a dating agency.

“Friends in Banks” is the name of the project that Frankfurter Sparkasse has driven forward with great enthusiasm over the past two years. The idea is very simple and copied from online dating portals: A customer registers on the Friends-in-Banks platform, answers a catalog of ten questions about their private preferences, personal views and a little bit about their expectations of a consultation. In the end, the algorithm suggests at least four advisors who match his profile: Sparkasse employees who are either more formal or casual, who prefer to do sports or go to concerts in their free time, who prefer to spend their holidays on the beach or in the mountains . It goes without saying that competence also counts.

It all sounds so tempting that I want to try Friends in Banks right away – be the first! Maybe I’ll find the advisor of my dreams, with whom I can not only talk about retirement provisions in times of low interest rates, but also chat about tennis, music and the best Hawaiian restaurants in the area. The Sparkasse thinks the idea is good. Before the official start of Friends in Banks on January 23, I can look for and hopefully find my new Sparkasse friend (or my new friend).

Zeitgeist Sparkasse dating

Hamburger Sparkasse has been offering a similar consultant finder for a while. But there it’s all about where a customer can find the next best advisor on a specific topic. When I tell friends and colleagues, somewhat exaggerated, that my Frankfurter Sparkasse offers a kind of advisor placement portal, the reactions are mixed: some think the idea is great and encourage me to test it, others roll their eyes and hold the Sparkasse -Dating for crazy zeitgeist. As expected, some comments are flippant. At the Sparkasse, too, the initial reactions after the start of the project were rather cheerful. Based on a well-known dating agency, the project was internally called “Spar-Ship” and the associated slogan was adapted: “Every eleven minutes a Frankfurt resident finds the right bank advisor.”