Quirion feeding robot doubles the number of customers

Quririon, the investment robot at Berlin’s Quirin Bank, did a great job last year. He was able to increase the number of his customers by 110 percent to 5400.

Seat of the Quirin Bank on Kurfürstendamm

Dhe digital asset management is growing at an impressive rate. According to company figures, Quririon, the investment robot of the Berlin Quirin Bank, increased the number of its customers by 110 percent to 5400 last year. The assets under management increased to 160 million euros. In December 2017, Quirion passed the 100 million euro mark. The digital asset managers in Germany currently have a volume of 3 billion euros, half of which is attributable to the market leader Scalable Capital.

After Cominvest from Comdirect and Liqid, which is geared towards wealthy customers, Quirion is one of the larger investment robots. These focus on automated investment strategies selected by computer programs for customers according to their respective risk profiles. The Anglicism “Robo Advisor” – robo for robots and advisor for consultants – has established itself on the market.

The CEO of Quirin Privatbank, Karl Matthäus Schmidt, aims at broad customer groups. Therefore, he wants to reduce the free minimum investment to 5000 euros by the end of April 2019 and offer a savings plan of at least 30 euros per month. The system should remain free of charge up to 10,000 euros.