Rabo Direct doubles its customer service

The direct bank reacts to customer complaints and is expanding the service. The difficult accessibility of the bank had among other things to do with new TAN devices.

Difficult to reach: direct banks like Rabo Direct can only be reached by fax, e-mail, chat and telephone.

Dhe poor accessibility of some direct banks annoys many customers. This is shown by the consumer complaints received by the financial supervisory authority Bafin and which, according to information from this newspaper, have swelled for direct banks to a record number since records began in 2013. After the FAZ reported on the overloaded Rabo Direct call center, some readers also got in touch. She is particularly annoyed when banks reserve contacts for special promotions and new customers, but existing customers cannot get through to the customer advisors by phone – even if their accounts are blocked and they cannot get their money.

A customer of the DKB, which belongs to Bayern LB, reports such an experience. He had therefore chosen the option “Take out new mortgage lending” in the call center and was then immediately put through to a contact person who quickly unblocked his account.

Rabo Direct has meanwhile responded with answers to questions that this newspaper had put in writing on Monday afternoon at the request of the press office. The branch of the Dutch Rabobank sent 60,000 devices to generate the TAN numbers required for every online transaction at the end of January. This means that it is estimated that one in ten Rabo Direct customers received a new TAN device. These devices, which replaced old TAN generators, should have been activated by the customer. “In some cases there were difficulties with activation, which led to an unusually high load on our customer hotline at the beginning of February,” reports Rabo Direct. The bank’s spokesman admits that the accessibility did not meet our own requirements: “In order to cope with the increased volume of inquiries, we have more than doubled the customer care team.” Accessibility has been restored since mid-February.

In addition, Rabo Direct customers apparently could not access their accounts and thus their money regardless of new TAN devices. Apparently, this was partly due to the fact that these customers were using ad suppressors in their Internet browsers, which also prevented access to the online account. Rabo Direct apparently did not inform its customers about this for weeks.