Stocks for beginners

Here we show a simple procedure for selecting companies with high dividends: which stocks went into the portfolio, how they performed, how everyone can emulate the strategy and which stocks we might buy in September.

Lufthansa shares were not a good choice.  There was no dividend for two years.  Other stocks in the portfolio more than make up for this.

IIn December 2018 we went on ice here at this point. We proposed a simple investment strategy, with which you can select the most promising German dividend stock quarter by quarter with the help of the price tables in the FAZ. Such an approach naturally calls for contradiction: Can stock selection be easy and successful? A whole army of fund managers and asset managers ultimately spend all of their working time selecting the “right” stocks for their clients.

To be clear: We do not believe that we are smarter, nor do we claim to use our method to pick the very best stocks. We certainly don’t have any hot tips in stock. But we’re fed up with sticking to the platitude: stocks are the best investment in the long term. Precisely because we are convinced of the long-term superiority of stocks, we want to offer newcomers to the stock market a handout with which they can find promising dividend stocks from the Dax, M-Dax and Tec-Dax. But it is also clear that what we are presenting here is not the only sensible process, but a possible one. We describe exactly how it works at the end of this article.