Your apartment, my house, our children!

You inherit an apartment and a house. You want to prepare the latter with a lot of money – and with debts. How does that work best? Our financial expert will show you two solutions.

Challenge for recipients: what if the house does not meet your own expectations?

II have a little arithmetic problem for you from the lower upper class. The heroine of today’s story is 50 years young. She is married to a man who is two years older. The couple have an eleven year old son and a nine year old daughter. The parents earn around 10,000 euros a month. Of this, just under 6,000 euros remain after deducting social security contributions and taxes. Eleven years ago, when the regular owner was born, his parents gave the man an apartment worth 500,000 euros. The property is now worth 800,000 euros, and that is no reason to mop up, or how do you assess this increase?

Now the woman has got it, if I may put it that way. After her mother’s death, she inherited her parents’ house, where she says she had wonderful years. The house is worth a million euros, but the furnishings and technology are not up to date. Now it comes, dear recipients and heiresses in similar situations! The woman wants to invest 400,000 euros in the renovation of the house and move into her villa with her husband and children. The man is not averse to the renovation, but how should the project be paid for? Should the father sacrifice his apartment so that the parents can pay the architects and the craftsmen in cash? Or do you advocate taking up 400,000 euros, which will be repaid with the help of future income from renting the apartment? Which solution would you choose?