Customers avoid green electricity

It doesn’t save the world right away if you order renewable energies for your small household. But fewer and fewer Hessen are ordering green electricity. Sometimes it is even cheaper.

View from the Großer Feldberg to the Vordertaunus: Thanks to increasingly efficient wind turbines and subsidies, green electricity tariffs are often cheaper than others.

Dhe shock about the reactor accident in Fukushima in March 2011 had hit the Germans very hard. Churned by the news from Japan, everyone did what they could. The Chancellor, for example, made a 180-degree turnaround in her policy and, although the life of the German nuclear power plants had only just been extended, she pushed through the rapid phase-out of nuclear power. And the electricity customers? Shutting down power plants was not in their power. But they ordered a lot of electricity from renewable energies. Of those who opted for a new supply contract with the Verivox comparison portal in 2012, 76 percent chose green electricity.

But that is a long time ago. A few days ago, Verivox reported that the share of green electricity in the contracts concluded via this company’s website last year was just 36 percent. After the values ​​had been falling since 2013, they made another real rate down from 2016 to 2017, by 16 percentage points. The Hessians are exactly on average. In Berlin and Hamburg, the proportion was significantly higher at just over half last year. Lower Saxony is at the bottom of the table, for whatever reason. It may well be that people in the country are now reacting irritably to the word about green electricity in view of the fact that the landscape is being sparse with wind turbines. But the Brandenburgers, who were also heavily plagued by wind energy, were above average.