David Bowie on space flight

For the first time, Britain’s royal mint has sent a coin into space – to match the motif. It shows David Bowie, known for songs like “Starman” or “Space Oddity”.

She did not float into space in a “tin can”, but on a drone: the commemorative coin released on Monday by the British royal mint, the Royal Mint, which is intended to honor the successes of David Bowie, who died in 2016. Inspired by his hits like “Starman”, “Life on Mars?” Or “Space Oddity”, it circled the earth’s atmosphere at a height of 35,656 meters for 45 minutes, celebrating Bowie’s intergalactic legacy before safely returning to Great Britain. It will soon be advertised as a prize for a competition for Bowie fans on the Facebook pages of the Royal Mint.

The David Bowie Commemorative Coin is the third in The Royal Mint’s Musical Legends collection, following coins honoring Queen and Elton John. The motif of the latest coin was inspired by a picture by Bowie from the time when he lived and worked in Berlin. The design of the coin includes the famous lightning motif of the 1973 album “Aladdin Sane”, which does not contain any of the well-known space songs, but the hit “The Jean Genie”.

Thanks to the latest manufacturing technology, the lightning symbol has a glittering effect – like intertwined with stardust, it is said. One of the most famous incarnations of the always changeable Bowie and the basis of his fame was a fictional character named “Ziggy Stardust”.

Silver Bowie coin weighing one ouncePhoto gallery
David Bowie Commemorative Coin: There’s a Starman on a Coin

“In recognition of David Bowie’s first single, ‘Space Oddity’, we felt it was fitting to send this coin into space and celebrate the Starman as a pioneer in his own way. David Bowie’s music has inspired and influenced generations of musicians and we hope this commemorative coin will be loved by fans around the world, ”said Clare Maclennan, Director of Commemorative Coins for the Royal Mint.

The coin is available as a gold coin in five variants with face values ​​from 25 to 1000 pounds at prices between 615 and 72,195 pounds. There are four versions of the silver variant, with face values ​​ranging from one to ten pounds and prices between 65 and 520 pounds. There is also a standard shiny uncirculated edition in four variants, three of which are limited, with three different slip-in sleeves at prices between 13 and 15 pounds.