Now the Air Berlin miles are gone too

After Air Berlin went bankrupt, customers hoped they could keep their miles. This hope, too, is now disappointed. What customers have to do now.

At that time it was still flying: in September 2017.

NAfter the bankruptcy of the airline Air Berlin, the miles program Topbonus is also insolvent. “The competent bankruptcy court has opened the bankruptcy proceedings,” says a message on the program’s website. Customers cannot currently redeem their miles.

The managers of Topbonus had given hope after the bankruptcy of Air Berlin. Even if the airline was bankrupt, the bankruptcy petition was filed in August, the mileage account remained – customers could continue to redeem their miles and even collect new ones, for example with the Arab airline Etihad, once the owner of Air Berlin. Car rental companies, hotels and online dealers were also there. There was even a campaign with the vacation airline Condor.

Register mileage claims

But that has now changed. If you haven’t redeemed your miles by now, you will get rid of them for the time being. Mileage holders become creditors in bankruptcy proceedings. In these days, the accounts would be transferred to the insolvency administrator, according to the Topbonus announcement.

From Friday (April 6th) mileage holders should register their claims on a special website: They have until Tuesday, April 24th. How much they actually get back from their miles is currently unclear. “Your prospective quota prospects will be determined in four to six months at the earliest,” said the insolvency administrator. Status miles are definitely lost completely.

On the other hand, it cannot be ruled out that the miles program may be revived without the claims of its customers. Or that an investor buys the customer’s data. In any case, according to the insolvency administrator, “far advanced” talks are being held with an investor who wants to continue and expand the program.