Steam and Amazon face competition

If you want to buy computer games, you have more choice: A well-known manufacturer opens its own online shop. It’s sometimes cheap, but doesn’t have the largest range.

In October 2017, Razer presented its hardware products in Hong Kong.

FComputer games ans have a new source of supply to choose from. In addition to the two well-known providers, there is a third: Razer, a manufacturer of computer accessories for game fans, no longer only sells mice, mouse pads and keyboards, but also game software for Windows and Apple computers.

So far, game fans have been getting their supplies mainly from “Steam”, the distribution platform of the game company Valve, and from Amazon – now the competition is growing, and the new store is opening up with some discounts, sometimes in combination with its own hardware. Around 3500 software titles are available. Many of them are unknown. Some popular computer games are missing completely, for example “Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds”, which has sold 27 million times but is still only offered on Steam.

Nevertheless, there are also some well-known titles on the new platform, for example from the game companies Ubisoft, Bethesda, Deep Silver and Rockstar.

However, there is one thing computer gamers cannot do with the new game shop: escape the dominance of Steam. A Steam account is required for some games even if they are purchased through the Razer shop. These games are also often offered at reduced prices.