The snake is annoying!

Those who shop in the store are particularly annoyed by the queue at the checkout. But customers also see disadvantages in online trading.

At the checkout.

AAccording to a survey, most consumers are annoyed by queues at the checkout when shopping in the supermarket or in the fashion store. But missing goods and unfriendly salespeople also cause problems for customers again and again. This is the result of a representative Forsa survey published on Friday on behalf of the team bank.

At least 53 percent of those surveyed said they had been annoyed about long waiting times when paying. Missing goods caused at least 49 percent of consumers to be frustrated when shopping. And 46 percent of consumers complained about unfriendly salespeople who spoiled the shopping experience.

In view of the triumphant advance of online retail, brick-and-mortar retail actually has to fight for every customer. According to the survey, two thirds of Germans now shop at least occasionally on the Internet. In the under-50s, it is almost 80 percent. When shopping online, consumers particularly like the wide range of choices. The main reasons for trouble here are excessively high shipping costs and – much less often – missing goods.

Amazon is building the store without cash registers

At the same time, online trading is pushing into brick-and-mortar stores. Amazon has already opened a supermarket at its company’s headquarters in Seattle that works completely without cash registers: a camera and sensors register which items buyers take from the shelf.

Shops, on the other hand, score points in the eyes of most customers with better advice quality and more attractive product presentation. When it comes to customer service after the purchase, the traditional retailers score significantly better than the online shops in the consumer assessment. This applies even more to the security of personal data. Here, 84 percent of those surveyed trust normal shops rather than online shops.

The importance of online trading, however, varies greatly from industry to industry. The majority of online shoppers also prefer to buy groceries (99 percent), furniture (86 percent) and household appliances (68 percent) in shops. When it comes to books, CDs and DVDs, on the other hand, according to the survey, the majority now find shopping on the Internet more convenient.