What rights do passengers have now

The service union Verdi has called for warning strikes at several German airports. Lufthansa alone cancels more than 800 flights. What passengers should know.

Canceled flights on Tuesday at Frankfurt Airport

FAir travelers have to be prepared for long waiting times and flight cancellations on Tuesday – the service union Verdi calls for warning strikes at the airports in Frankfurt am Main, Munich, Cologne and Bremen. The Frankfurt airport operator Fraport expects “considerable delays in operations as well as flight cancellations”. Lufthansa alone has canceled more than 800 flights. What should travelers do?


The airline is always the first point of contact for air travelers, and the tour operator for package tours. The respective airport also offers detailed information on the current departure and arrival times on its website. In the case of information from the Internet, it makes sense to print it out so that you can have a receipt later.

Cancel, rebook, change

The customer can cancel a flight that has been canceled due to a strike and get his money back. Anyone who still wants to fly is entitled to a later flight. But that can take until the strike is over – and longer because it can lead to a backlog. In the event of long standstills, the airline must organize replacement transport, for example by train or bus.


If the flight is delayed due to the strike, those affected are entitled to certain benefits. With a shorter flight distance of a maximum of 1,500 kilometers, passengers are entitled to care services, i.e. telephone calls, drinks and meals, from a delay of two hours.

If the flight is between 1,500 and 3,500 kilometers long, the rule takes effect from a delay of three hours; for long-haul flights of 3,500 kilometers and more, the limit is four hours. If necessary, an overnight stay in the hotel must also be paid for.

Even in the event of a long foreseeable delay, passengers should always be at the airport at the original departure time. Otherwise there is a risk that the airline will be able to offer a replacement flight earlier – and the traveler will then miss it.


In the event of cancellation, overbooking or delay of three hours or more, passengers are entitled to compensation of up to 600 euros according to the EU regulation – but only if this is not due to an “exceptional” circumstance. The airlines consider strikes – such as miserable weather – as an extraordinary circumstance. There is therefore no compensation.