Top 10 best HR management software 2023

Human resource management is always a difficult problem for leaders to worry about, especially when the staff size is up to hundreds or thousands of people. If you still use the manual method, surely the management will face many problems. Employee management software was born as a lifesaving solution to help businesses automate their employee management processes. But on the market today there are too many software and you do not know how to choose.

Below, SimERP will review in detail the Top 10 popular human resource management software today to help businesses choose the right software.
What is employee management software?
Employee management software, also known as human resource management software, human resource management system is a tool to help businesses manage people automatically, saving time and effort but effectively. more fruitful.

The software fully meets the requirements of human resource management such as: welfare administration, time attendance management, leave, evaluation, training, etc.

Why should businesses use employee management software?
According to a survey by Robert Half, 36% of HR executives revealed that identifying and hiring the right candidate is the hardest part of their job. The next aspect, voted with 26% is the termination of employees. In the end, the treatment of benefits and privilege programs and the fairness guarantee for internal and external compensation were 23% and 14%, respectively.

With today’s technological advancements, tools are available to help streamline and address these challenges in the HR workflow. Built specifically for HR teams, employee management software supports managing your workforce with a range of benefits:

Should businesses use employee management software?
Save time and effort
The number one benefit of human resource management systems is how they free up time. Automate manual people management tasks and you’ll have more time to spend on driving business.

Updating basic employee information can quickly become a nightmare if you rely on paperwork and filing cabinets.

Employee management software will save you time by automating simple processes like leave approval, absence tracking, and training management. It can also help you streamline processes to increase overall productivity and work management.

Support leaders to make quick and accurate decisions
All HR related data is integrated in a single system. You can easily monitor and manage your employees anywhere and anytime as long as you have an Internet connection.

As a result, your decision-making becomes faster. Not only can you capture visual data, but you can also deepen analysis, detect problems and provide timely solutions through automated reporting systems.

Easier employee development
Employee development is fundamental to the long-term success of your business. In addition to helping you build a more skilled and efficient workforce, employee management software enhances employee retention by addressing their needs quickly through automation. such as leave, training, etc.

Tracking employee development is one of the other benefits of a human resource management system. You can use it to record performance reviews, training courses, goals and qualifications.

Personnel data security
Managing an employee database through an automated HR software is certainly more secure than traditional paper-based document management. An HR management software that allows you to centrally manage and access all of your employee documents through a single platform.

It allows HR to manage the visibility and accessibility of these documents, protecting sensitive employee information with digital security protocols.

Minimizing errors that can be caused by humans
No matter how careful and meticulous a person is, when working with too large a volume of data will inevitably make unnecessary errors. Instead, we can use software. With intelligent integrations, the software’s system will handle huge amounts of data without any errors. If there are errors, it will also promptly detect, notify and resolve quickly.

Top 10 best employee management software – human resources today
SimERP – Free Employee Management Software

SimERP is an ERP enterprise resource planning software with a superior human resource management module. This software supports comprehensive human resource management for businesses from Recruitment, Employee Information Management, facilities and time attendance managed on a single platform.

What are the outstanding features of SimERP’s human resource management module?

Smart recruitment process: The germ is capable of storing candidate information for each position and recruitment area. Also track the status of the candidate (preliminary, interview, pass rate). In particular, in this feature, the software can analyze data such as: number of CVs, interview participation rate, acceptance/rejection rate.
Scientific management of human resource information: Store all personnel information data on a single platform: manage personnel by department, decentralize management for positions; update and track the number of employees increase and decrease in real time; create reminders for events: birthdays, periodic reviews, contract renewals.
Accurate timekeeping management: Helping managers and employees easily track and update attendance information through monitoring employees’ locations and working time; receive and approve employee leave requests anytime, anywhere; clear division of work, transparency,…
SimERP human resource management software price: Currently, SimERP is supporting a one-week trial. Then, depending on the size and needs of the business, you can choose Business, Professional or On-premise erp packages. Contact us for a quote here.

Free HR management software – Apptivo
Apptivo is famous as a free 2020 human resource management software with unlimited users. This is a software developed based on cloud computing with many practical features such as recruitment management, tracking of work days, leave, moreover allowing personnel between departments to exchange on the Internet. each work together easily.

However, in the free version, Apptivo is limited when there is no app version, cannot be used by mobile phones. This is a limitation that makes it difficult for administrators to manage personnel remotely.

Sage HRMS – Employee management software for small businesses.
Sage is known as a management system for accounting, human resources, payment, property, construction, real estate and businesses. They offer cloud solutions, on-premises, or both. Their highly customizable solutions can be tailored to startups, scalers and enterprises.

This software excels in training through their various wizards designed to help execute each unique HR process like new hire, training, salary increase, job change, etc.

Sage provides a complete list of first-party add-ons that can be used to integrate various solutions into your HRMS workflow.

Sage HRMS favors integrated first-party solutions, which can put users at a disadvantage if they have other payroll or project management tools they need to connect.

Software Price: Sage starts at $10/user/month and has a free demo.

Bamboo HR employee management software
Bamboo HR is a human resource management system suitable for small businesses. However, this software possesses a unique set of features that can manage most aspects from recruitment to human resource management.

What outstanding features does BambooHR have?

– Share job postings on different platforms: With the software, you can view your employee recruitment ads with full information such as job description, salary, term,… Besides, , the software will also support you to share on social networks or different job websites.

– Professional performance management: The software has a pretty good performance evaluation feature. Information of employees can be compared with each other for more effective evaluation.

– Employee status management: report the number, status of employees, workforce metrics.

– There is a mobile version – can manage personnel anytime, anywhere.

Price of Bamboo HR employee management software: Currently, Bamboo HR has a free trial and different usage packages, please contact the manufacturer to get a quote.


CakeHR is a feature-rich HR software suite that provides everything companies need to handle HR processes.

The outstanding features of CakeHR:

– Seamless recruitment process: the software supports most of the operations such as posting job postings, screening candidates, scheduling interviews, etc.

– Allow employees to track their information: Employees have access to the system to monitor, update and edit their personal information.

– Manage employee’s working time and leave schedule.

– Create automatic timesheets from attendance data and leave days.

– Effective employee performance evaluation helps managers have a comprehensive view of the performance of all employees

Software cost: Each CakeHR module will be listed at a different price. If the business uses all the modules, it will be $16/employee/month.

Acheckin – Free HR management software 2022
As one of the few free employee management software available today, Acheckin allows users to track and manage all employees of the business with just a Smartphone.

With the mission of being a professional human resource management solution, Acheckin owns many features suitable for small and medium-sized businesses including: time attendance, project management, holiday tracking, remote personnel management …

In particular, this software application is also integrated with internal communication features. Now, administrators can notify and communicate internal information to their employees quickly and intuitively compared to previous traditional forms. Employees also easily express their opinions and discuss issues related to the business in advance.

Users can download this software for free through various websites such as:, thuthuat taimienphi,…

Cloud HR
This is a software solution suitable for medium and large businesses, fully integrated with features such as candidate tracking, personnel training, to salary management, etc.

What outstanding features does Cloud HR have?

– Optimize the onboarding process: Cloud HR is equipped with portals where new employees can actively update personal information, monitor their own performance.

– Comprehensive management of personnel records: The software has a fully integrated interface of employee personal information, and you can access all personnel records anytime, anywhere.

– Automatic salary calculation.

– Focus on training and developing employees: Cloud HR has the outstanding feature of having employee training options. The software allows departments to plan their personnel training, develop personal development plans, etc.

– Reporting system: The software provides a reporting system that helps you get an overview of employee performance, their satisfaction and engagement.

Price of human resource management software Cloud HR: The price list of the software is not publicly displayed, please contact the supplier for more information.

Paycor . employee management software
Paycor is a human resource management solution suitable for all businesses from small to large, with an intuitive and easy-to-use interface design.

Outstanding features of Paycor:

Professional recruitment management: Paycor owns a candidate tracking system that allows to manage the status, recruitment information, interact with candidates and support the candidate referral program.
Support onboard features: Paycor integrates the necessary forms for the onboarding process, employees can fill in their own personal information, reducing the burden on management.
Integrate timekeeping and automatic payroll.
Allows setting up training courses and tracking employee performance: The software provides solutions for employees to attend training courses, then track their development to make assessments. performance price before – after.
Automatic reporting: Paycor has integrated automatic reporting feature to help managers understand the status of their personnel and provide timely solutions.
There is a mobile version.
Price of the software: Paycor offers many solution packages with different prices. Contact your supplier to choose which package is right for your business.


Tanca is an HR software that focuses on the following aspects: shift division, timekeeping, employee salary calculation, besides only a few additional tasks such as recruitment, asset management, etc.

What outstanding features does Tanca have?

Shift management: Tanca allows managers to build shift plans and assign shifts to employees flexibly, in bulk. Employees can also actively register for shifts and make approval requests right on the software.
Support online timekeeping if working remotely: Users can time attendance through their own phone with Wifi or GPS by face recognition or integrated fingerprint timekeeper. In particular, Tanca integrates an intelligent AI camera to quickly identify and take attendance of employees.
Automatic salary calculation through timekeeping data available from the software.
Manage request approval – quick proposal: The software fully integrates the available templates to apply for leave, overtime, late to leave early or pay, leave work,… All types of proposals are available. solved quickly through software.
Automatic reporting: Tanca owns the feature
Cost of Tanca employee management software: Each Tanca module is listed with a different price, fixed monthly or per capita. For example, if using the basic and advanced feature package, a business of 30 people will have to pay 3,270,000 VND/month.

Connect team
Connecteam is the only employee management software on this list that is an all-in-one mobile app specifically designed and built for off-the-go employees. It provides powerful solutions for each of your business needs to increase efficiency, streamline processes, and enhance daily operations.

Connecteam’s outstanding features:

Increase employee engagement: send surveys, periodic newsletters to keep everyone on the same page, share photos or videos or GIFs, launch suggestion boxes, and create open policies.
Streamline communication: keep your teams up to date and engaged with real-time push notifications and updates, chat groups and channels, and an employee directory to easily find details contacts of colleagues, managers, etc.
Better training and referrals: provide a great experience by allowing instant access to training resources or getting to know the organization. Include documents such as employee handbooks, training procedures, schedules, benefits, and more.
GPS Empowerment Time Tracking: with just one tap, employees can view their entry and exit times directly from their mobile phones. Unfortunately, whenever the employee timers in and out, the real time stamp and GPS location will be tagged.
Send and receive reports in real time: streamlined reporting from the back office with real-time reports sent while on the go, such as an incident report, expense reimbursement, COVID-19 Daily health declaration reports and more.
Efficient work planning: assigning schedules based on different requirements, providing relevant information including time, address and special instructions, allowing employees to accept and decline shifts work, etc.
Pricing: Connecteam offers flat rates for up to 50 users, starting at $39/month and includes access to all features.

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