Top 5 best production management software for businesses 2023

What are the benefits of production management software?
Production management software is a tool to support businesses, companies, factories, workshops, etc. to optimize management work. Organizations can track the status and progress from the production of goods and finished products to sales; Manage suppliers, manage materials and assign appropriate human resources.

Most management software has basic features such as:

Manage the production process and progress of goods.
Manage material norms based on production plan.
Create schedule, plan production.
Supply chain management.
Manage a project from the engineering stage through production and delivery.
Product Quality Management.
The application of production management software has brought businesses many benefits:

Leaders as well as managers can capture the entire production process of their enterprises and organizations. From there, it is easy to promptly handle arising risks.
Create close links between departments and divisions; from backoffice staff to factory workers;…
Automate previously manual processes, significantly saving time and operating costs.
When production runs smoothly, managers have more time to come up with new ideas and apply them to increase the company’s sales, thereby generating profits.
Thanks to the support of technology and software, businesses can reduce unnecessary errors such as data entry, calculation, data synthesis, etc.
The aggregate feature, weekly, quarterly, and monthly reports help managers identify the current production situation and have future improvement plans.
Top 5 best production management software for businesses
SimERP production management software, enterprise resource planning solution
SimERP is an ERP enterprise resource planning software built based on Odoo – the world’s most popular ERP software with preeminent features, especially the Production Management Module. This is a comprehensive solution and suitable for many businesses in many different industries.

SimERP’s production management module fully meets the requirements of a production management software including comprehensive management features from production process, material supply management, to quality management, maintenance and life cycle of the product. All integrated in the same system.

In addition, this software also has a planning and scheduling feature that helps businesses quickly grasp the entire production plan of the business and customize the production schedule accordingly.

SimERP’s production management module also easily outputs real-time automatic reports to help businesses effectively monitor the import and export process as well as operating costs.

In particular, this software can also support analysis and measurement of productivity and operating efficiency of machinery and equipment systems to have an appropriate maintenance plan. From there, it is possible to maximize the efficiency of the equipment system while avoiding wear and tear or costly replacement.

With those outstanding features, SimERP is an effective tool to help organizations professionalize their business management process and become a reliable partner of many Vietnamese brands such as Flexfit Furniture, 24hVISA,… Support production and business processes to achieve the highest efficiency while saving time and costs.

Faceworks software

Faceworks is a production management software developed based on the ERP business management platform of TIT company. Faceworks.

The software helps to monitor the entire production process of the enterprise from planning, importing materials, dividing tasks, distributing, and managing materials.

Faceworks is developed on a web-based platform, so it is suitable for most different operating system platforms. Along with that, it can also run on many different browsers such as: Google Chrome. Explorer, Firefox,…

By using BOM material norms, Faceworks allows the user to set the actual quantity of materials for each production process and when the production is complete it will automatically adjust to the BOM without input. handmade.

Despite owning many convenient features, Faceworks users will not be able to avoid inconveniences because the web interface will not clearly display the price list and the software interface also has a lot of tasks, confusing and difficult to use.

VNSolution – Free production management software
VNSolution production management software is a software solution belonging to Viet Software Solution Technology Co., Ltd. The software comprehensively meets the production management needs of an enterprise. Currently, VNSolution has been applied by many organizations to quickly and effectively solve complex management processes.

This solution possesses many useful features that are built in a self-contained manner from order setting, production demand to planning, human resource arrangement, supply capacity calculation, material norm setting, …

In addition, VNSolution’s interface is also quite simple and user-friendly, it is not too difficult to undo even the first time using it.

With VNSolution, businesses can easily capture the entire production process in real time and export the necessary reports.

However, with the free version, this software has many limitations such as limitations in terms of usage time, storage capacity and processing operations. Therefore, the business can be interrupted at any time.

Ecount ERP cross-platform production management software

Ecount ERP is a web-based production management software with a user-friendly interface.

This software is integrated with many management functions, automating production processes, managing supply chains of materials and product output.

The security and decentralization of Ecount ERP are also highly appreciated. Therefore, it can help businesses manage more effectively and safely.

This is considered the perfect online ERP solution. Normally, ERP solutions are quite expensive, so Ecount ERP is more suitable for small and medium businesses.

On the other hand, because it is an online ERP solution, this software will not be able to operate in an environment without an Internet connection. This is a pretty big disadvantage.

ERP Bravo . Enterprise Management Platform
Bravo is also rated as one of the outstanding production management software today. It has the ability to help businesses manage production activities effectively.

This software supports easy management of material supply, control of production progress as well as operating multiple jobs at the same time. In addition, managers can also closely monitor the import and export process, the quantity of exported goods, etc.

Bravo is a total management solution, planning all enterprise resources, quickly solving time-consuming business operations.

With its customization capabilities, this software is suitable for many businesses that produce many different products.

However, because it is a Customize software, Bravo’s cost will be higher than packaged software and is only suitable for medium and large businesses. Besides, the deployment time is also longer because there are many tasks: Deployment planning, testing, monitoring, reporting, etc.

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