What is a CRM solution? Comprehensive CRM solution for businesses

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is a customer relationship management strategy, an important factor in business success. However, to effectively manage customer relationships, a good CRM solution is indispensable. To learn more about the concept, benefits and criteria for evaluating a good and comprehensive CRM solution, follow the article below.
What is a CRM solution?
Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solution is a solution to apply CRM software as a business strategy of an enterprise to increase profits through approaching and communicating with customers, attracting customers. potential to enhance their experience.

Benefits of CRM solutions for businesses
Improve customer interaction
With the integration of multi-channel interactions such as social networks, Email Marketing, SMS, etc. on the same platform, it is easy to access information and transaction history of customers with each product and service. As a result, a CRM solution allows employees to interact with customers more effectively. This helps businesses save time and effort in re-learning customer feedback and reviews and increase sympathy with potential customers.

Improve customer service
A good CRM solution also makes effective predictions through customer behavior analysis reports. From there, businesses can make informed decisions, set up more reasonable marketing and customer care strategies.

In addition, employees in the department can actively contact customers through the CRM system to collect data about their feedback on products and services. From there, update more customer information and assign appropriate permissions to employees to have an effective care plan.

Increase sale revenue
Customer service has always been an important factor contributing to the success of a business. Therefore, effectively increasing the customer experience will help increase sales.

Save time and money
Choosing a good CRM solution not only optimizes business processes, but also achieves high efficiency in communication and service improvement with customers. CRM also analyzes and reports through the customer data warehouse in the form of charts and makes accurate predictions.

Since then, businesses can save human resources and costs for marketing activities, especially small businesses with limited budgets and human resources.

Criteria to evaluate a good CRM solution?
Finding a good CRM solution is always a top priority for many businesses, especially small businesses when there are so many technology companies that offer many types of software with different features.

In addition, with a small budget and resources, finding a good and suitable CRM solution is the first step if you want to promote efficiency in the long run.

A good CRM solution needs to meet the following 3 criteria:

Flexible and easy to use
Along with the 4.0 technology era, optimization and minimization is always an important choice in every creation process. A CRM solution with flexible use (can be used on the web or mobile app), easy-to-see interface will always be a plus, especially for small businesses with few mining resources. technology quality.

The ability to effectively manage and synchronize methods of communication
A good CRM solution will store all information, transaction history, customer reviews automatically and easily accessible by members of the company. Operations such as adding, editing, deleting, creating, etc. lead lists are used by individuals and workgroups when given specific permissions. In addition, the integration of multi-channel communication on the same platform such as Facebook, Email Marketing, SMS, .. allows businesses to easily manage and improve customer service.

Tailored to business needs
What is the purpose of using your business’s CRM solution? Does the solution that businesses refer to have enough features to suit the needs and purposes of the business? There’s nothing easier than looking at your own company and deciding what functions are right for future growth.

What is a comprehensive CRM solution?

A comprehensive CRM solution is that in addition to meeting the criteria of a good solution, it also integrates many other applications and features on the same platform to meet all the needs for the development of the business in the relationship. customer relationship development.

Marketing automation
Composing marketing emails to hundreds of customers without knowing their needs is both time-consuming and labor-intensive. Then, a comprehensive CRM solution is the solution that businesses need most when they can reach and nurture potential customers, but also personalize their experience through analytics, considering touch points across multiple channels. .

A comprehensive CRM solution allows businesses to integrate many different functions and software on the same system to help manage customers, work, improve customer experience and service smoothly and seamlessly. more circuit. Some commonly used applications integrate such as sales management, purchasing management, human resource management, etc.

Good support in analysis and forecasting
A good CRM solution is not only a bridge between businesses and customers, but also provides analysis and evaluation based on available customer data. Based on those analyzes, businesses will evaluate the effectiveness of their marketing strategies, customer care effectiveness, and then propose solutions and strategies to attract potential customers and achieve better profits. .

SimERP provides a comprehensive CRM solution

SimERP is an ERP enterprise resource planning software built on top of Odoo – the world’s most popular ERP software. SimERP provides a comprehensive CRM solution with more than 1500 trusted customers.

What makes SimERP’s CRM solution stand out?

Effective customer management
All information, transaction history, customer feedback is stored and updated automatically. Businesses can easily create, access and manipulate potential customer lists with specific decentralized integration. In addition, businesses can easily track potential customers as opportunities, manage existing opportunities through integrated multi-channel communication platforms such as Facebook, Callcenter, SMS.

Detailed report support
From the customer data warehouse, the CRM system will automatically analyze and report in the form of charts with an easy-to-see interface. From there, businesses can easily know the effectiveness of their Marketing campaigns, customer behavior and make informed decisions and set up more effective strategies. In other words, SimERP’s CRM solution helps businesses save time and resources in making decisions and strategies.

Integrate many applications
SimERP’s CRM software allows businesses to integrate many different applications on the same platform to meet the management and development needs of the business in the future such as: human resource management, accounting management, management retail management, sales management, purchasing management.


A comprehensive CRM solution not only integrates many applications and features to help optimize business processes, but also a useful tool to meet all the necessary needs for the development of the business in the future. . With SimERP’s comprehensive CRM solution, we believe that this will be a useful tool that businesses should consider and choose for your own success.

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