What is Sales Automation (SFA)? Is SFA software effective?

Currently, businesses using technology in business and sales are becoming more and more popular. The main reason is because most businesses have related problems to optimize, manage the sales process or process data in the business process. These problems affect not only sales revenue but also increase costs, the sales process also becomes cumbersome and troublesome. Therefore, sales automation (SFA) is a necessary solution to help solve this headache of businesses.

What is SFA (Sales Force Automation)?
SFA (Sales Force Automation) is a technology solution in CRM to optimize the sales team’s business processes and activities automatically.

Sales automation application helps businesses eliminate manual business activities, optimize time and effectively manage customers better. From there, increase the nurturing ability and closing rate per customer.

Sales Automation Operations (SFA)
Follow and notify
Businesses can monitor the shopping process from customers, and at the same time offer appropriate activities in the process such as sending quotes, making exchange appointments, product demos, etc. potential customers into successful customers. SFA will also let businesses monitor ongoing activities, sending action notifications at the right time.

Sales process automation
Using sales automation software, businesses can automate activities in the process such as sending emails, creating quotes, building reports. For example, businesses can set up email marketing campaigns and set the time and email address that businesses want to send. All metrics related to open rate, response rate, clicks are updated and reported quickly on the system. Businesses will rely on that and evaluate email marketing campaigns, thereby making appropriate plans in the future.

Sales Process Management
When using sales automation software, businesses will build a separate sales process that includes many different steps. Through that, the staff knows the customer’s purchase status, the next activity to do and alerts the next activities that the staff needs to perform. In addition, businesses can measure metrics related to revenue, conversion ability in each period.

Automatically schedule meetings
Businesses can automatically schedule appointments with customers. Meetings will be created on the system and sales staff only need to send the link to this meeting to the customer. The software will attach to the sales staff’s calendar and let them know their free time.

Automatically assign leads
The software can automatically assign potential customers to the right sales representatives to optimize the sales team’s time, avoiding having to have employees, too many customers, and too many employees. Time for rest.

Daily report update
The reports will automatically set up and update the report in real time. Enterprises can analyze the performance of the team, as well as provide accurate analysis of business activities. Thereby, develop appropriate plans in the next period.

The benefits of sales force automation (SFA) for businesses
Improve order conversion rate
When applying sales force automation technology, businesses can store and classify customer information, track the customer’s purchase process. From there, offer appropriate care and nurturing activities to increase the conversion rate from potential customers to successful customers.

Cut the cost

When the process is done manually, businesses will waste a lot of resources, causing waste of costs. But if businesses automate business processes, resources will be optimized, reducing operating costs.

Increase operational efficiency
Processes are carried out automatically, thereby avoiding errors while doing business. The process will also be clearer, seamless and continuous, sales departments will coordinate effectively thanks to features of management, notification, and automatic information updating. The time for information transmission and data exchange is significantly reduced, increasing operational efficiency.

Synchronize data
The data about customers, orders, products, revenue will be stored, updated and synchronized in real time. Enterprises avoid losing or entering wrong data. Operations are also processed synchronously, more smoothly when there is a complete and accurate data set. Thereby, minimizing the risks when processing orders and managing business activities.

Make timely handling decisions
Through the updated data, users can create automatic report templates to help them evaluate work performance. Thereby, analyze the causes, find solutions and develop appropriate plans.

Optimizing the sales process
Enterprises will build a sales process suitable to their size and business model on the SFA system. Then, set up the right activities for each stage of the customer’s buying process to turn potential opportunities into success opportunities. Users can manage and monitor business activities to know the status of each customer and the handling of sales staff.

Follow up and retain customers
Using SFA, businesses can keep a close eye on customer status based on the customer’s purchasing process. From there, promptly handle problems that occur, assess potential opportunities and offer appropriate plans for each guest. With old customers, businesses can use customer care features such as sending emails on important occasions, sending promotional codes, gratitude gifts or sending text messages,….

Collecting information and managing customers
All customer information will be updated and stored on the SFA system. Businesses can manage and classify customer data and analyze it to identify potential customer characteristics. Thereby, managers will come up with the most effective strategies to reach and retain customers.

SimERP’s SFA (Sales Force Automation) solution
Customer relationship management

It is difficult for businesses to manage a huge number of customers. Therefore, businesses need a system that supports storing and managing customer information from websites, social networks, emails, trade shows, etc. like SimERP.

To store lead information, the user selects the Create button and fills in the customer information fields. You can even change their color, rate their importance, and update their purchase status.
Set up activities with guests
Once salespeople receive an opportunity customer, they can create new opportunities themselves in stages. Users can then set up activities to follow up and turn potential opportunities into success opportunities.
Activities can be emailing, calling, creating meetings, creating quotes, requesting demos, etc. Based on the color classification, users can know the status of those activities.
Manage sales opportunities
Businesses can mark sales success or failure. With opportunities that fail, you will have to update the reasons for those failures, even recovering potential opportunities.
Sales team management
Enterprises can completely create and manage different sales groups to increase business efficiency. Users can update information about team leaders, members, goals, emails, etc. and measure the effectiveness of groups and team members.
Manage customer purchasing process
With CRM, businesses will build a business process and manage customers according to the purchase stages from the beginning of approach, to appraisal, appraisal, proposal and success. Businesses will know the status of each customer, follow up closely with customers’ purchasing activities and take appropriate actions to turn them into final customers. Users can create customer quality analysis report templates, helping to make suitable plans in the future.

Product Management
With SimERP, users can fully manage product information such as name, price, product type and group, barcode, unit of measure, etc. and even variations such as size, color. Information on product quantity is also regularly updated in real time, helping businesses manage more effectively.

Implement the sales process
Businesses will perform sales activities from creating quotes, sending online quotes (via Zalo and email), receiving orders and delivering goods. Order status will be updated right on the system for businesses to easily observe. With SimERP, you can apply different shipping methods to each order.
Currently, SimERP is rolling out a SimCRM package that offers a free 30-day trial. Sign up to experience features that help you automate the sales process!

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